PP Rope for Trolling



The perfect twisted polypropylene rope for your fishing endeavours.

If it is a fishing trip then it needs a fishing rope, isn’t it? Thus, living up to our promise to serve the customer as per what they require of us we have furnished a rope that is going to come in handy for every fishing adventure you decide to become a part of. We have become incessantly liked by people because of the quality we have been delivering through the years. For we have been in this industry since a very long time – we avail certain perks to ourselves and we have passed most of them down to our customers – in whatever way it was possible for us to do so.


The benefits of the rope that we are to offer are many for the nylon fibre rope that would be at your disposal is going to be moisture, sunlight, chemicals, oil and UV resistant. Unlike what you expect, it is going to do wonders when you are to make use of it in wet environments. Also, no matter where you decide to store it, it will be free of kinks and you can use it efficiently thereafter as well. Also, the ropes that you purchase from us are going to become amongst the wisest economical decisions you are to make. The rope is capable of retaining the knot tied on it; thus, ensuring a happy fishing thrill.


  • Heavy duty rope
  • Extra tensile
  • Minimum elongation
  • Extra strong and long life
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Torque free and balanced construction
  • Better abrasion resistance

Note:- TEST METHOD – AS PER – ISO-2307-2010 Allowed tolerance of Core Rope.

  • 1.5mm to 3.5mm = +/- 15%
  • 4mm to 9mm = +/- 10%
  • 10mm to 14mm = +/- 8%
  • 15mm to 32mm = +/- 5%


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