Marshal PP Rope for CORE ROPE



Insulation providing PP ropes for wires.

Telecommunication and the electricity sector serve as the crux of the global economy for we have evolved into the 21st century. Even the least developed places have been exposed to the use of telephones. On the other hand, Electricity, well, that has been here since a very long time and is something that is here to stay. Despite the development we have seen throughout the world, it is still prone to error and these issues must be attended to urgently. Thus, the wires that allow the flow of electrical and telecommunication signals cannot be left out in the open uninsulated, right? Or as a matter of fact, had the telecommunication wires run without being insulated, they would have caused a lot of tragedy not only to the humans but also to the animals.

Therefore, PP synthetic ropes come to the rescue of the wire industry. We are a proficient polypropylene rope manufacturer for this industry to rely upon to coat the wires they manufacture to build a safe environment.


Since we have assembled our machinery to meet the needs of the people hailing from this industry, we have assured that we understand what is it that they need in particular and, thus, the features of the synthetic rope that coats the wires include it to be torque free in nature. Also, the thickness of the rope is uniform so that no problem can occur at any point and the ropes are to offer better abrasion resistance to the wires. On the other hand, if this rope is to be exposed to any chemical – the chemicals will be non-reactive and the pp rope shall remain shock-proof throughout; thus, allowing a swift flow of mechanical loads. The ropes are going to be water resistant, as well, so that the coated wires cannot be harmed in any manner possible. Overall, the wires shall retain their flexibility in the long run.


  • Minimum Varieation
  • Proper Runnag
  • Heavy duty rope
  • Extra tensile
  • Minimum elongation
  • Extra strong and long life

Note:- TEST METHOD – AS PER – ISO-2307-2010 Allowed tolerance of Core Rope.

  • 1.5mm to 3.5mm = +/- 15%
  • 4mm to 9mm = +/- 10%
  • 10mm to 14mm = +/- 8%
  • 15mm to 32mm = +/- 5%


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