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Company Profile

Be with the Marshal to be the Marshal.

Marshal Polymers is an Indian rope manufacturer and deals in ropes since the year 1996. However, it wasn’t new to this industry since its parent company was already rooted in dealing in monofilament products. The company came into existence because of its aim of providing ropes which serve to be strong and durable, no matter what task they are being used in. This has led Marshal Polymers to win the trust of the market base and become one of the leading exporter and manufacturer of quality PP and HDPE Ropes.

Marshal Polymers manufactures a wide collection of ropes. At Marshal Polymers  we make necessary discussions with our clients to furnishing all that is required to be produced. Thus, we not only offer ropes but also PP straps. Variety is the crux we work upon; thus, it motivates us to offer customized kinds of colours and designs and packaging – from twisted polypropylene ropes to any custom ropes.

Marshal Polymers’ essence is linked to innovation and it intends to address problems of its customer base – keeping this in mind Marshal Polymers has customized the provision of ropes in a manner which can be used for important purposes. Thus, we provide polypropylene ropes to the transportation, agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, and marine industry, sports, and fitness, construction, and engineering, mountaineering industry, packing industry, defence industry, trolling, wire rope industry and household purposes.

The quality of raw material that we source is promissory in nature and is definitely going to deliver several features which include a rope that is not only high in density but can also endure any solvent and can withstand a high level of temperature. For the product is excellent in nature, it has attracted customers not only from India but also from abroad.

We have developed an open communication channel which allows our clientele to converse about the particularities, of the PP rope, they want us to handle and this also helps us in attending the concerns they may have with regard to our product delivery. This makes for an important attribute to our success of catering to our customers.

The demand for the products that we supply has made us undertake the goal of becoming better by the day. Thus, we are not only engulfed in extending the best of products and services to our customers but we are also indulged in researches which are going to help us better our standing in this industry and in the market. We have constantly been a part of initiatives which are going to assist us in taking up contemporary measures as a take towards growth.

Marshal Polymers has successfully implemented a strategy that is going to expedite the growth of the company and will help increase the capabilities of the organization as well as the members associated with it. No matter what happens, Marshal Polymers has always upheld workers’ safety in higher regard.

Core Profile

Core Purpose :

To serve strength, safety and surety by converting plastic industries challenges into an opportunity.

Core Vision :

To be the Marshal of Plastic Industry.

Core Mission :

To serve strength, safety and surety with help of advance technology, innovative product and collaborative team.

Leading the Indian Rope Industry


Core Values:​


Innovation is the key driving force that differentiate us and help us to serve the market requirement in better way. Our experienced team, visionary leaders and committed channel partners are the source of constant innovation that we are driving in terms of product application, product quality, product durability, commercial feasibility and optimum utility.


We follow what we have committed. We are committed for everyone’s progress who are engaged with us whether they are our team members, channel partners, vendors or suppliers.

Assurance :

Surety in everything that we do. We assure quality standards for our products. We assure market growth to our channel partner. We assure right product for our customers. We assure career growth to our team members. We assure business growth to our suppliers. We assure profitability to our partners.

Grow Together :

We believe in faith and cooperation. We have a culture of working in a collaborative environment with transparency and trust. We all work together to grow together. We progress as a team.

Quality and Expertise :

The expertise that Marshal Polymers possesses has strengthened the quality it is capable of delivering because it is the human resource we employ that understand what the customer needs the best. After having made sense of the requirement, they craft it properly and conduct quality checks to match the existing standards set by the higher administration. The product so furnished is not only visually appealing but is capable of enduring all the trouble that may come its way.

Essentials :

As simple as it may sound, the manufacture of ropes is a challenging task to execute. However, the machinery and pieces of equipment that are available at our disposal allow us to manufacture the required products in huge quantities, depending upon the order size. This lets us meet the orders which are huge in number while adhering to the required standards.

Since it is required to treat the synthetic ropes appropriately, we have a safe to store them so that the quality cannot be obstructed before the products are finally dispatched.
We have been unleashing the creative genius of our team and also making them as result-obsessed as possible so that we do not lag behind in serving our customers the best and since we have been doing this for the past two decades we see ourselves getting better at it.