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Pipe RopePipe RopePipe Rope

Protect your expensive Coated pipes with Fiberrope ,which  can be converted into  “ Rope Ring “ .

The Rope rings put around  the pipes to avoid friction between pipes .  This protection is not only inexpensive but also easy to handle and operate .

These ropes are available in different sizes depending on the pipe dia  However most commonly used sizes are  16 , 18 and 22 mm dia of  ropes .



Pipe RopePipe RopeThe rope is usually comes in the standard lengths of 220 mtrs or 600 ft .

Available with UV protection or without UV protection . Its Black colour ,which is naturally UV resistance is preferred by most of the end user . However these ropes are also available in different colors like Green , Purple , Yellow for color coding of the storage of the pipes .
Even roundness of throughout the rope lengths and firm lay of the ropes , help the pipes to sit on properly and storage of number of layers is possible .

The uniqueness of this rope is its characteristics of sticking together with simply by applying the heat after cutting to the size . Two ends stuck together strongly for longer time in the heat too .
If required the ring may be used for number of times , But we recommend the re-use not more than 5 times.